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    Commercial Excellence

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    Service Transformation

    70% of strategic initiatives fall short of their goal. Sounds familiar?

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IT Service Transformation – The STR™ Approach

70% of strategic initiatives fall short of their goal

Service Transformation

IT Service Transformation – The STR™ Approach

The emphasis placed on vision and strategy created a mistaken belief that the right strategy was all that was needed to succeed. The ability to execute strategy can be more important than the strategy itself.

This is where our STR™ (Strategy To Results) model helps business organizations to transform their strategies into actual results.

With the accelerating pace of change in both technology and business, transformation is the new reality for IT. More important is the ability to realize the benefits of such transformational strategies.

Transforming IT services requires integrating different dimensions and a strong management of change. An IT Service Excellence transformation is a comprehensive approach to identify and demonstrate business value from IT along with balancing the requirements of improving customer satisfaction while reducing Total cost of Operations (TCOs).

Our STR™ Methodology brings the required focus and rigor to excel in this silent but robust and sustainable transformation.

Service Transformation

What We Do

Market trends evolve. Priorities shift. Directions change.

Hence the need to move beyond incremental change, in the pursuit of Excellence, integrating new service models that appeal to a more varied consumer base, target the right sets of customers and produce value-based service experiences. Navigating through these challenges and making the most of opportunities demand that your IT initiatives are aligned with your business objectives.

With our STR™ Methodology, we perform clear assessment of your IT strategy, develop a roadmap, and establish metrics and controls in place to ensure being on right track, setup a Transformation model to improve and deal with future needs.

STR™ team works with companies to enable them to execute right strategies and allow them to shift gears and adapt as priorities change over time. With limited dollars to spend on IT, ensuring you’re putting your money where your priorities are is essential to getting the most out of your investment.