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Customer Case Study


our prominent Logistics clients


Seashell Logistics



MG Logistics

ABF Freight

Client's Background

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  • Abreco Freight, a reliable freight forwarder serving over 15,000 customers in 195 countries.

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Seashell Logistics

  • Sea Shell Group: 35+ years in Indian construction, offering civil, interior design, and MEP services with a focus on sustainability.

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  • CMA CGM: Shipping and logistics giant with a global presence (160 countries, 400 offices, 750 warehouses, 620 vessels, 420 ports).

Sales Training Companies


  • Sun Freight Logistics: Founded in 2014, they offer domestic and international freight forwarding, customs clearing, and logistics services with strong global connections.


At Dishah, we understand that effective sales training is crucial for driving results. That's why we use Dishah's innovative 4P Model to create customized programs that address your team's specific needs and unlock their full potential.

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Pre-training Assessment

  • Clients needed Sales, Business Communication & Leadership Training

  • Dishah conducted the following to identify skillset gaps:


      Field Visits with Sales Team,
    • Virtual Assessments Meets

    • Online Assessments

    • Submitted Assessment Report

Problem Identification

  • Pre-Training Analysis revealed a range of challenges ​

    • Lack of Attractive Personality

    • Struggled to create Urgency

    • Failed to showcase Value 

    • Low Sales Conversion

    • Struggle to handle Objections

    • Losing Sales to competition.

    • Low Order Size

    • Low Repeat Sales 

    • Low Upselling 

    • Low Referral Generation

    • Low productivity & motivation

    • Stagnant Sales Growth

    • Iregular Target Achievement

Personalised Training

  • We delivered focused, activity driven training on: 

    • Personality Development

    • Authoritative Selling approach

    • Value Proposition & USPs

    • Persuasion Skills

    • Customer Objection Handling

    • Value Added Follow ups

    • Win-Win Negotiations

    • Sales Pipeline Management

    • Goal Setting

    • Target Achievement

    • Productivity

    • Time Management

    • Leadership

    • Conflict Management

    • Reviews and Follow-up.

    • Progress Improvement Report


  • Client Rated the Program 5 star for Addressing Core skills Problems, Effectiveness, Participants Engagement, Learning & Development and Performance Improvement. 

  • Clients upgraded our "One-Time" program to "Quarterly Program" contract. 

  • Received glorious Testimonials and multiple referrals from client. 

Results Driven

New Customers Acquisition

40 - 70% Increase

Order        Value Increase

10 - 40%




2 - 4 Weeks




100% Increase

Customer Feedback

Subhanush Mahapatra, L&D- Head,

"When the trainees completed the training and joined on the field, we could see that they were full of enthusiasm, they were full of energy, they were highly motivated and they were actually delivering."

Veena Trivedi, Sr. HR, Learning & Development

"During the training, we have experienced an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion to empower sales professionals to reach their full potential."

Dhiraj Gupta, CEO

"Experience with Dishah was too good and they delivered what they have promised and looking forward to much more training sessions from Dishah Consultants, thank you."

Mr. Pankaj, Zonal Head

"The training provided our team with very effective strategies I could use and now my team feels much more confident in dealing with behaviour in this way."

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Are you also struggling with these challenges and would like to get over it? Contact us today for the below corporate training services: 

  • Sales & Soft Skills Training

  • Sales Management Training

  • Leadership Training

  • Business Communication Training

  • First Time Managers Training

  • College to Corporate Transformation Training

  • Leadership Training and more…

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