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Sales Professionals just Love it!

Amazing Program. We are selling new product and without a big brand presence, lead generation was extremely difficult. We learnt to generate leads now and it is going very smooth.

Thanks Amit.

Shivam & Pari

Sales Professionals

I was facing lot of difficulties in selling insurance products. After attending the program, I am now easily selling insurance products using phone and social media. It has made selling simple. I have recommended it to my friends as well.


Banking Professional

The Problem

Are you striving hard to generate customer inquiries & win deals but your success is chocked because: 

o    Gatekeepers ignore you mentioning ‘Customer isn’t available’. 
o    Customers ignore you saying don’t have a need /  already using other solutions or call in  X months.
o    Customers attend your presentations and becomes inactive after telling ‘ we  will get back to you’
o    Customer confirms he will buy and suddenly stop responding to your calls or emails. 
o    Customer demands heavy discounts & purchases minimum quantity despite their huge potential. 
o    Customers choosing inferior competition products over your solution after trying you out. 

It’s horrible to miss such deals and make no money in sales.  And, this isn’t just you. 80% of Sales Professionals globally are struggling with it.


The Solution 

Authoritative Selling

o    Authoritative Self Introduction Approach – You will learn how to introduce yourself and your call/ meeting agenda to gatekeepers such that they see you as an important caller and will be forced to connect you with customers instead of ignoring you.

o    Authoritative Product Introduction approach – It’s not just product, you will learn how to communicate product positioning and value proposition to customers so that he will see your sales pitch as authentic & valuable business advice and will be forced to consider your proposal rather than ignoring your calls/emails/voicemails/social messages. 

o    Authoritative Presentation Approach – You will be ready to showcase product Value to customer, its Unique Value Proposition over competition through your presentations/demo/webinar/trial leaving your customer no choice but to go with you.

o    Authoritative Negotiations Approach – You will learn to prepare valuable and appealing Sales proposals that will clearly reflect its true ‘value’ to customer’s business and he will not be able to ignore it or bargain. 

o    Strategic Qualification Approach to double the deal size through effective Account Qualification. You will be able to dig and identify customer’s true purchase potential and raise it further with your strategic approach to drive maximum purchase on first attempt. 

And, that’s how, you will become an ‘Authority’ in Sales to handle any deal and close it on the first call


Training Program

Topics covered

o    Building Buyer’s Persona 
o    Gatekeeper Objections 
o    Sales Pitch

o    ‘Beyond the Obvious’ Sales Insight

o    Balanced Prospecting Approach
o    Lead Generation through Cold Calling/Telemarketing.

o    Lead Generation through Email & Social Media Marketing.
o    Lead Qualification using RAMP Model.
o    Lead Nurturing through Sales Presentations.
o    Deal Closing through Sales Proposals, Negotiations and Closing. 
o    Handling Objections through ‘Option Question’ Framework.

Program Details

o    2 Days Intensive Workshop | 15 Sales Topics |  25 Sales Skills
o    Only 15 Seats
o    Workshops conducted on Saturday & Sunday
o    Per seat pricing is INR 12,950 /- including Tax

o    Certificate Included
o    High Tea, Notepads included
o    FREE ‘Life Time Membership’ to our award winning Online Sales Training Programs worth INR 39,000
o    FREE copy of our Best Seller book on Sales Strategies – Sales Decoded | 5 steps to ‘Powerful Selling’. 


Mukesh from CMACGM Says- I am now completely ready to 'Crack all Deals'!

Calydon IT Academy, Perungudi, Omr Rd, Chennai

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Workshop Pricing

Dinesh & Venkatesh says - We were failing to close deals. Now, we know how to crack it.

Workshop is for?


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  • Startup/Solo Entrepreneurs

  • Consultants /Freelancers

Is it worth it?

Situation without a proper training program

  • Customers do not respond to your calls, email or social messages.

  • You spend lots of time chasing customer and still struggle to close deals.

  • You are failing to meet monthly Targets and not making enough incentives.

  • You are struggling to grow deal size and win big deals.

  • You are struggling to grow to higher positions.

Situation with Authoritative Selling Program

  • Customer will be eager to speak with you and learn your propositions.

  • You will easily close 60 t0 70% of your deals in your first call/meeting.

  • You will consistently meet & exceed your target to win maximum rewards .

  • You will be ready to spin small deals into big and strategic accounts.

  • You will turn into one of the 'Most Valuable Employee' of the company. 


Meet Your Coach


CEO | Thought Leader - Sales & Business Growth | Sales Trainer | Author | Keynote Speaker | Inc Contributor

Amit Sharma is a Business Strategist and Author of AMAZON BEST SELLER Book "Sales Decoded". He is the CEO of "Dishah Consultants" a Sales Consulting & Training firm helping businesses grow and expand their presence. Under his leadership, Dishah has grown to be recognized among 25 Most Promising consulting firms in India by "Consultant Review Magazine". He is a popular columnist for national and international media houses and has been extensively covered by international and most popular media houses such as CEO Blog National, GetApp, Carolroth, Inc42 and more...

Amit started his career as a front-line Sales Executive selling products for a fortune 500 company. Authoritative Selling approach helped him close 70 to 80% of his deals on first call/meeting, grow from a front-line sales executive to leading Global Sales and Business Development initiatives of Vembu Technologies Inc. as "Asst. Director - Business Development" followed by heading 'Dishah Consultants' as CEO - awarded 'Top Consulting and Training Companies in India' - by Consultant Review Magazine in a span of just 8 years.  

What Customers say about him?

Amit is a great guy to do business with. Skilled and reliable. I surely recommend 


Claudio, Panerai


Milan, Italy

Amit is an extraordinary individual who not only delivers what is promised but makes the experience enjoyable and memorable. 

Kelvin Lamb


Centurion, South Africa

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