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Sales Conversion Specialist

Do Clients disappear after first meeting or getting the price? Clients tell you that your solution is good but we are not Interested? Losing Sales to Cheaper Competition? Learn Authoritative Sales Communication Framework to sell like an Authority, Outshine Competition & Win 70% Sales in One Contact.

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Sales Conversion Specialist
Sales Conversion Specialist

Time & Location

16 Jan 2021, 9:00 am – 23 Jan 2021, 12:00 pm

Live Online Using Zoom

About the Event

Session 1 - Master Authoritative Selling Approach | Saturday | 9am - 12 Pm | 3 Hours

Goal : How to Win 70% Sales in First Meeting without any Hard Selling or losing Sales to Competition.

Skills Taught: Customer Buying Psychology, Sales Meeting Preparation, Introduction and Ice-Breaker Strategies, Sales Qualification & Probing Model, Building Solution Value using PSG Framework & Story-Telling, Sales Presentation & Communication Skills, Right Sales Language, Sales Negotiations, Sales Objections Handling, Closing Techniques, Followups.

Audience : Sales Professionals | Entrepreneurs | Freelancers | Consultants | Coaches

Proficiency : Beginner to Advance

Challenges Solved ?

  • Customer Likes my Product but Do Not Buy?
  • Customers disappear after hearing the pricing
  • I have to run behind multiple decision makers for a Sale
  • Tough Selling Against Cheaper or Established Competition

What will you Learn?

 Know Your Customer.

  • Understand Buyer's Psychology of Buying, Comparing two Solution, Priorities & Persuasion.
  • Learning Different Customer Personalities and Matching Approach to Sell
  • Building Various Customer Profiles based on Current Needs, Budget, Challenges, Current Product/Service used, Competition
  • Creating Value Proposition for Different Customer Profiles.

 Know your Product or Service

  • Knowing your Product & Service key features
  • Create Value Benefits, Examples, Customer Case Studies for Each Key Feature with PSG Model
  • Book Approach to Organise Feature(s), Value & benefits, Examples for Impactful Delivery
  • Create Unique Value Proposition against different types of Competitions

How to Handle First Call or Meeting

  • Goal Setting, Sales Pitch & Meeting Preparations Techniques
  • Authoritative Introduction & Ice-Breaker Strategies
  • Identify ‘Why’ Customer will buy our Solution
  • RAMP Model, Consultative & Probing Approach to Discover Needs, Challenges, Budget
  • Right & Wrong Questions to Ask, Dos & Don’t of Meeting Ettiquttes, Right Body Language
  • Solution Demo using FAB, PGS Communication Model, Storytelling, Presentation Skills.
  • Right Sales Language & Power Words for Influencing Customer Decisions

Session 2: Master Sales Objections | Day 2 | Sunday | 9am - 12 Pm | 3 Hours

Goal : Learn to Address Top 20 Sales Objections from Customers using ADA Framework that results in losing Sales to Competition and double your Sales Conversions.

Skills Covered : Handle Trust Based Objections, Price Based Objections, Competition Based Objections, Features Based Objections, Company Based Objection, Convenience Based Objections, Storytelling, Online Peel Psychology, Option-Question Approach.

What will you Learn?

  • Customer Psychology of Real and Excuses, Soft & Hard Objections
  • How to skill-fully uncover Different Objections
  • How to Address Objections using : ADA & ABCD Framework
  • Customer Psychology of Numbers
  • How to use Sales Assets for Objections Handling
  1. Story-Telling
  2. Social Proofs
  3. Claims & Assuring Statements
  4. Right Sales Language and Choice of Words

Challenges Solved

👉Trust Based Objections

  • Who is your Biggest Customers?
  • How old is your Company?
  • Do you have Customers in our Industry or Region?
  • Do you have office in our City?
  • Can we talk to your superiors or Managers?
  • Can you company handle this order size?

👉Price Based Objections

  • It’s too expensive
  • We don’t have a Budget
  • Your competition is offering better price
  • I can get a cheaper solution outside

👉Competition Based Objections

  • How are you better than X company
  • Competitor X Says - Your Product or service do not has x feature
  • We only work with people/company we know
  • You don’t understand our Industry or Business etc...

👉 Convenience Based Objections

  • We already have solution
  • We are using similar product
  • We are in contract till X Years etc...
  • I am not the decision maker
  • I am waiting for approvals from my manager

Session 3: Master Sales Negotiation & Closing Techniques | Day 3 | Saturday | 9am - 12 Pm | 3 Hours

Goal : How to Negotiate Skilfully to keep margins, profitability, and customer satisfaction high.

Skills Taught: Customer Buying Psychology, Negotiation Techniques, Negotiation Preperation, Do's & Don't, Upselling, Cross-Selling, Power of Agreement Close, Power of Bargain, Closing Techniques, Followups.

Challenges Solved ?

  • Customers disappear after take receiving the Sales Proposal and Stop Responding?
  • Customer compare to Cheaper Competition and Negotiate Hard?
  • Customers keep delaying the purchase Decision?
  • Customers disappear after taking the best offer?
  • How to Grow Deal Size and Profitability?
  • How to ask for Order and Close maximum Sales?

What will you Learn?

👉 Negotiations & Closing

  • Psychology of Negotiation.
  • Strategies to justify Product Value over price & competition.
  • Top Strategies to avoid price discounts and unreasonable demands from buyers.
  • Strategies to increase deal size multi-fold using up-selling & Cross-Selling.
  • Strategies to drive immediate purchase action.
  • Closing Techniques
  • Followups

Key Takeaway: Negotiation Skills to help customers purchase without losing deal, it's value or customer interest.

What will you Gain from the Program?

  • Why First Meeting/Call is Crucial and How to Prepare for it.
  • Position yourself as an Authority & Trusted Adviser to Client
  • How to differentiate yourself and stand out from the pack
  • How to uncover the full set of buyer needs and deal potential using RAMP Model.
  • How to re-enforce your Product Value using PSG and Storytelling model.
  • How to Create Value Proposition and Deliver Killer Sales Demos & Presentations.
  • How to tell convincing stories that demand buyer action
  • How to make the business impact of your solution clear to sell more with less buyer resistance
  • Step-by-step how to lead effective insightful discussions
  • How to Manoeuvre Customer Objections and Turn Objections into Opportunities
  • How to Handle Discounts request, unreasonable demands
  • How to Grow Deal Size to Double and Triple using ‘Grow the Pie’Methodology and Techniques
  • How to Close Maximum Deals using Closing Techniques.

Meet Your Trainer

This Workshop is conducted by Mr. Amit Sharma [CEO Dishah Consultants]. Amit Sharma is a 4times Awarded Top Sales Influencer and Thought Leader in India as awarded by Consultant Review, GreatCompanies, TheCEOStory & recently CorporateVision from London. He is also the Author of Best Seller Book - Sales Decoded.

Amit holds 15 years of Extensive Sales Experience in B2B & B2C Sales. He has Trained over 10,000 Sales Professionals | 1,000+ Entrepreneurs and 150+ Corporate such as GMR, Zebronics, L&T, HP etc...

Amit's Sales Strategies are widely covered by National and International Media Houses such as Ceo Blog Nation, Calroth, Inc & Inc42, Yourstory etc...

For more information about Trainer [Mr. Amit], please visit or his refer his Linkedin Profile here

Terms & Conditions

  • You will be provided access to Workshop Recording.
  • You will be offered Weekly Call Support Q&A
  • You can request for a refund anytime 48 hours before the event
  • No Refunds will be offered post event.

Please note that upon payment confirmation, you will be redirected to join the Authoritative Selling Mastermind Whatsapp Group.

PS: Link to Join the Workshop and Workshop Recording will be directly shared in the MasterMind Group.

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