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Are you facing the following Lead Generation & Sales Challenges? 

  • Customers avoid you with excuses - busy, not interested, already have a solution.

  • They like your product/service but do not buy.

  • They do not share information or do not let you speak to decision makers.

  • They disappear after the first call/meeting or after taking the pricing and stop responding.

  • They compare you with a cheaper solution and negotiate hard.

  • They disappear after taking the best discounts and offers from you.

These sales lead generation and sales challenges are toughest ones to solve and stop us from meeting our Sales Targets, grow in Sales Career and expand our business. 

Hi I am Amit and 17 years of selling experience taught me that there are two types of Customers in this world - few Interested & more Not Interested Customers. 

The major challenge - How to turn a “Not Interested” Customer into an Interested one?

It requires a combination of - Heart, Brain and Nerve.


It starts with the realisation that you are selling an Advice and not a Product or Service. If you want customer to follow your Advice and Buy your Solution, learn to:

  • Use Sales Communication Strategies to Influence customers and create interest. 

  • Use Presentation Techniques to create Urgency and Wow Customers. 

  • Competition Techniques to convince Customers against Cheaper & Established Competition. 

  • Negotiation Techniques to get Customers Invest more. 

  • Closing Techniques to Win maximum Sales & Generate Referrals.


When I learnt it, I not only successfully Sold all types of Products & Services and Win 70% of my Sales Deals in First Contact ; I also grew from Sales Executive to Director of the Company in just 6 Years. I started my own company and sold to Fortune 500 Companies.

Would you like to learn my secrets to crack any type of sales in first Contact without Hard-selling or losing it to Cheaper Competition? 

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