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 Art of Convincing 'Not Interested' Customers

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Gaurav, BDE

After Attending the Authoritative Sales Training, my perspective has changed to be successful Sales Person and I am now able to convert the leads from 20% to 80%. I strongly recommend this course for all Sales Professionals. 

Balaji, SE

It was an extremely insightful session. Helped to solve all the Sales Challenges faced by me earlier. I could easily implement the learning according to my product.

Materials provided are a real boon.  Thank you for the Wonderful Session.

Vasanth, BDE

The Workshop was extraordinary today. I gained a lot of knowledge today that would have taken a lot of time to learn through experience. I would love to keep in touch with you as I cannot get a better mentor for my Career. 

Shubham, BDM

Dear Amit, First of all, Thank you So much for the Wonderful Workshop on Authoritative Selling. I learnt so much and totally amazed at your Sales Knowledge, Teaching and Experience. Thank you for the Training.

Sneha, KAM

Amit taught us Sales Insights through Authoritative Sales Training Program. I would say, it is must for every Sales Person and leadership team. Totally changed my way of approach and helped me double my results. 


Sales Training for Sales Professionals



Authoritative Sales Leadership Workshop to  Win 70% Sales in First Contact.

Category     : Training & Coaching Program

Duration      : 1 Day | 2 Day | 3 Day | 4 Days

Type.          : Lead Generation | Sales Conversion

Seats.         : Only 15

Timings.      : 9 am - 12:30 pm

Price           : Starting  ₹ 999


Training Program teaches - Demand Generation | Cold Calling | Telemarketing | Email Marketing | Linkedin Marketing | Sales Presentation |  Sales Objections | Negotiation | Closing Techniques | CRM, Sales Pipeline  and Goal Settings. 

Special Discount Offer Expiring Soon

Training Curriculum

Learn How to Sell a Product Successfully

  • Master Selling on Phone

    ​Struggling to Generate Customer Appointments? Gatekeeper Blocks you and Customers avoid you with excuses - Send me an Email, Busy, Not Interested, No Budget, Already Have a Solution? Learn Authoritative Sales Pitch Framework and Generate 10X More Business Enquiries in First Contact.

    • Goal Setting and Building Lead Generation Plan for Bigger Success

    • Free & Paid, Manual & Automatic Sources to Build Customer Contact Database

    • Authoritative Introduction Framework to Cross Gatekeepers

    • Techniques to bypass Gatekeepers and Reach Decision Makers

    • Authoritative Sales Pitch to Engage Customers without Losing His Interest?

    • Authoritative Value Proposition to introduce your Solution and Fix Appointments.

    • ADA Framework to Handle Objections - Not Interested, Busy, Send Email etc...

    • Top Productivity Tips to Increase more Calls & Customer Appointments

    • Tools & Metrics to Measure your Performance  

  • Master Selling on Linkedin

    ​Finding it Hard to Generate Customer Enquiries or Referrals over Linkedin? Turn Every Profile Visit, Every Post into Business Enquiries with Authoritative Social Lead Funnel. 

    • Goal Setting & Building Decision Maker Persona for Lead Generation on Linkedin

    • Setting up Linkedin Profile for Growing Linkedin Network

    • Importance of Linkedin Company and Showcase Pages in Lead Generation

    • Identify right Keywords used by Customers to Search for Companies & People

    • Optimize Linkedin Profile with Right Keywords & Messaging for Customer Searches.

    • How to Setup Linkedin Lead Magnet Funnel for converting Profile Visits to Enquiries

    • How to Find Connections to Grow Linkedin Network for Business Enquiries

    • How to Use Linkedin Posts & Articles to drive Views and Enquiries. 

    • Free Tools to Create Linkedin Posts, Find Hot Topics, Popular Hastags

    • Top Linkedin Free & Paid Tools to automatically increase profile views, Connections and Business Enquiries.

    • How to run Linkedin Ads for more Connections, Post Reach or Enquiries Generation.


  • Master Selling over Email

    Struggling to Get Customer Response to your Email Campaigns? Generate 10X More Business Enquiries with Emails using Authoritative Email Lead Magnet. 

    • Free & Inexpensive Tools better than Google to Build Email List in minute minutes. 

    • How to Design highly effective email campaigns in 15 minutes or less

    • How to Avoid Spam Filters to achieve 100% Email Deliverability.

    • How to write Appealing Subject Lines to Double your Email Open Rate

    • PSG Framework to Write Most Effective Emails body & Double Response Rate.

    • How to Create a Hook, Lead Magnet to double Customer Enquiries through Email.

    • How to Measure Email Campaign Effectiveness using Top Metrics.

    • How to Design Drip Campaigns to Generate Consistent Leads.

  • Master Face-to-Face Selling

    Customers Like Your Product but Don't Buy? They Disappear after hearing the pricing? Compare you with Cheaper Competition & Negotiation Hard? Master the Art to Convincing Difficult & Not Interested Customer with Authoritative Value Proposition Framework and Win 70% Sales in One Contact. [Listen to the Recording]

    * Position yourself as an Authority & Command Trust & Attention from Customers.

    * How to uncover the full set of buyer needs and deal potential using RAMP Model.

    * How to re-enforce your Product Value using PSG and Storytelling model.

    * Top Pricing & Cheaper Competition Objections and Why Customer Raises those?

    * How to address these Objections with Encouraging Responses. 

    * How to Create Value Proposition and Deliver Killer Sales Demos & Presentations.

    * Understanding Buyer's Psychology of Negotiations, Persuasion and Buying.

    * Strategies to justify Product Value over price/competition.
    * Top Strategies to avoid price discounts and unreasonable demands from buyers.

    * Strategies to increase deal size multi-fold using up-selling & Cross-Selling.

    * Top Closing Techniques, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Productivity Techniques.

    RecordingHow to Crack 70% Meeting in One Contact
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Authoritative Sales Leadership Program

  • Selling On Phone

    July 13 | 9 am - 12:30 pm

    Howt to Generate 10X more Business Enquiries over Phone using Authoritative Sales Approach. 



  • Selling Over Email

    July 14 | 9am - 12:30pm

    How to Generate 10X more Business Enquiries using Email Marketing Techniques?



  • Selling On Linkedin

    July 15  | 9am - 12:30pm

    How to Generate 10X More Business Enquiries using Linkedin Marketing Techniques?



  • Selling Face-to-Face

    July 16 | 9am - 12:30pm

    Learn to Sell Like an Authority and Win 70% Sales in First Contact or Meeting.



  • Complete 4 Days Program

    July 13 - July 16

    Join Authoritative Sales Leadership Program including - Cold Calling, Linkedin Marketing, Email Marketing and Sales Training.



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