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Amit Sharma

4Times Awarded Top Sales Thought Leader & Influencers in India

Hi, I am Amit. I am into B2B Sales for the last 15 years selling Product/Services in Domestic & International markets.  For the first two years, I struggled to generate Business Inquiries & Sales on Phone, Email, Linkedin & Face-to-Face Meetings.


Customers politely avoided me with excuses - "I am Busy", "Send an Email",

"No Budget", "Not Interested", "We are Happy with our existing solution", "Your product is expensive", or "Your solution is good but we have found an inexpensive and better solution."


After investing a lot of Time & Money, I realised it’s not the Product or Service, I am selling an Advice to the Customer for his Problems. And, for him to take my Advice & my Product/Service, he should first believe in my Expertise & Authority. This led me to Learning, 


  • Customer Psychology & Reasons why Customers Buy or Don’t Buy.

  • Use Personal Branding to Establish Authority & Get Appointments with ‘Not Interested’ Customers.

  • Sales Communication Strategies to Attract and Influence Customer Decisions to Buy. 

  • Sales Presentation Techniques to Wow Customers and sell Better. 

  • Techniques to convince Customers against Cheaper & Established Competition. 

  • Negotiation Techniques to get Customers Invest more. 

  • Closing Techniques to Win maximum Sales & Generate Referrals.


As a result, I successfully Sold all types of Products & Services including Startups Product, Enterprise Products and Win 70% of my Sales Deals in First Contact without  Losing it to Cheaper or Established Competition. And, I grew from Sales Executive to Director of the Company in just 6 Years. 


Would you like to know, how you can do the same for you?

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Best Sales Training Program

Authoritative Sales Training Program

for Lead Generation, Sales Conversion & Social Selling

  • Linkedin Selling Specialist

    Learn Linkedin Profile Building,

    Linkedin Outbound & Inbound Selling Approach, Sales Navigator, Story Telling & Content Marketing, Building Sales Funnel, Sales Process, Followups & 10x more Lead and Sales Generations.

  • Lead Generation Specialist

    Learn Goal Setting & Business Development, Lead Generation, Cold Calling, Telemarketing, Sales Pitch, Followup, Territory Management  Pipeline Building & Management, Email Followup Campaigns to Generate 10x More Business Enquiries.

  • Sales Conversion Specialist

    Learn Need Discovery, Consultative Approach & Probing Skills, Customer Meeting, Value Selling with Storytelling, Presentation & USP, Competition Handling, Sales Proposals & Negotiations, Closing Techniques, Sales Pipeline Management to win 70% more Sales.

Topics Covered

  • Lead Generation Specialist

    For Channels   - Phone | Email | Networking Events | Door-to-Door

    Applicable for - B2B Sales & Business Development Professionals in any Industries

    Proficiency       - Beginner to Expert

    • Business & Territory Development Plan 

      1. Goal Setting using ATSPD

      2. Building Ideal Customer Profile 

      3. Identifying Sources for Automated Lead List Building

      4. Generating Verified Customer Contacts

    • Developing Elevator Pitch & Engagement Approach

      1. Building Elevator Pitch, Authoritative Introduction & Ice-Breaker Strategies

      2. Cold Reach & Engagement Approach for Different types of Customers

      3. Phone/In-Person Etiquette, Managing Tone, Greetings, Language

      4. Handling Gatekeepers & Voice-Mails

    • Customer Objections

      1. Top 10 Customer Objections in Lead Generation

      2. Objections Related to Interest - Not Interested, Busy, Send an Email 

      3. Objections related to Price, Existing Solution, Feasibility, Budget

      4. ADA Framework to Lower Resistance, handle Objection and Turn it into Appointment

    • Followups & Lead Pipeline Management

      1. Lead Generation Funnel & Sales Process

      2. Lead Pipeline Building & Management

      3. Effective Followup Process

      4. Writing effective Followup Emails & Templates

      5. Outbound & Inbound Lead Generation Process

      6. Followup Process, Day Planning

      7. Performance Metrics to Mesure Performance

    • Productivity Management

      1. How to Manage Rejections & Motivation

      2. Practising Mock Cold Calls

  • Sales Conversion Specialist

    Part - 1/2

    For Channels - Sales Meetings on Phone | Virtual Meetings | Face-to-Face Meetings

    Applicable for: B2B Sales Professionals in any Industries

    Proficiency - Beginner to Expert

    • Know Your Customer. 

      1. Understand Buyer's Psychology of Buying, Comparing two Solution, Priorities & Persuasion.

      2. Learning Different Customer Personalities and Matching Approach to Sell

      3. Building Various Customer Profiles based on Current Needs, Budget, Challenges, Current Product/Service used, Competition

      4. Creating Value Proposition for Different Customer Profiles.

    • Know your Product or Service

      1. Knowing your Product & Service key features

      2. Create Value Benefits, Examples, Customer Case Studies for Each Key Feature with PSG Model

      3. Book Approach to Organise Feature(s), Value & benefits, Examples for Impactful Delivery

    • Know your Competition

      1. Understanding Different Types of Competition such as Cheaper or Stronger. 

      2. Understanding Direct, Indirect, No Competition Zones

      3. Using Various Research Methodologies to Gather Strengths & Weaknesses against competition

      4. Create Unique Value Proposition against different types of Competitions

      5. Subtle Competitive Approach to Target Competition without Bad Mouthing.

    • How to Handle First Call or Meeting

      1. Goal Setting, Sales Pitch & Meeting Preparations Techniques

      2. Authoritative Introduction & Ice-Breaker Strategies 

      3. Identify ‘Why’ Customer will buy our Solution

      4. RAMP Model, Consultative & Probing Approach to Discover Needs, Challenges, Budget

      5. Right & Wrong Questions to Ask, Dos & Don’t of Meeting Ettiquttes, Right Body Language

      6. Solution Demo using FAB, PGS Communication Model, Storytelling, Presentation Skills.

      7. Right Sales Language & Power Words for Influencing Customer Decisions 

  • Sales Conversion Specialist

    Part - 2/2

    • Customer Objections, Sales Proposal, Negotiations

      1. Top Customer Objections related to Price,Features, Competition, Usability

      2. ADA Communication Model to Uncover & Address hidden Objections 

      3. Strategies to Prepare Win-Win Sales Proposal 

      4. Upselling, Cross-selling & Packaging Techniques to Grow Deal Size

      5. Negotiations Preparations, learning Customer Psychology of Negotiation.

      6. Top Negotiation Techniques of Differentiation to Win Maximum Discussions

      7. Top Objections during Negotiations & how to Handle it.

      8. Top Closing Techniques to take customer commitment & Close Deals.

    • How to Handle Sales Followups

      1. Creating Value for Customers in Followups

      2. Handling Different types of followups - Active Leads, Inactive Leads, Dormant Accounts

      3. Creating Followup Process 

      4. Creating Followup Templates

      5. Strategies to Turn Followups into Call Backs

    • Sales Productivity & Pipeline Management

      1. Sales Process & Sales Funnel Management

      2. Day Planning & Organizing

      3. Top Sales Pipeline Management Metrics 

      4. Free & Paid tools to Track Metrics

      5. Reports & Forecasting

      6. Strategies to effectively Improve Pipeline Performance

      7. Strategies to Improve Personal Performance - Calls, Meetings, Followups​

      8. Mock Session & Practice

  • Linkedin Selling Specialist

    For Channels - Linkedin, Linkedin Sales Navigator

    Proficiency - Beginner to Expert



    • Linkedin Lead & Sales Generation Planning

      1. Goal Setting for Lead Generation 

      2. Building Decision Maker Persona for Target Audience & Market

    • Setting up & Optimizing Linkedin Profile

      1. Setting up Linkedin Profile according to Target Customers & Market

      2. Understand various Linkedin Profile' section responsible for Lead Generation & Brand Building

      3. Free & Paid tools to Optimise Linked Artifacts

      4. Importance of Linkedin Company and Showcase Pages in Lead Generation

      5. Learning Various Linkedin Settings to enable Maximum Profile Visibility

    • Outbound Linkedin Selling for Leads & Sales Generation

      1. Linkedin different Free Search Options to Find Target Leads

      2. Learning Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

      3. Linkedin Free & Paid Tools to Find Customer Contacts from Linkedin

      4. Preparing Sales Pitch using PSG Model to Send Connection Request and Grow your Network

      5. Setting up Sales/Followups Process, MessageTemplates to Convert Connection into Leads

      6. Do’s & Don’t of Linkedin Outbound Initiative

    • Inbound Linkedin Selling for Leads & Sales Generation

      1. Identify right Keywords used by Customers to Search for Companies & People on Linkedin

      2. Optimize Linkedin Profile with Right Keywords & Messaging for Customer Searches.

      3. How to Setup Linkedin Lead Magnet for converting Profile Visits to Enquiries

      4. Learning Linkedin Posts & Articles to drive Visibility, Branding and Enquiries.

      5. Free Tools to Create Linkedin Posts, Find Hot Topics, Popular Hastags

      6. How to Use Hashtags to Drive More Visibilities and Leads

      7. How to Use Linkedin Comments, Industry Influencers to Generate more enquiries

      8. Automation Tools to Planning Linkedin Posts, Followup Messages

      9. Do’s & Don’t of Linkedin Inbound Marketing

      10. How to Measure Linkedin Efforts and Performance.

      11. Linkedin Ads for Lead Generation

After the Program

You will be able to

To successfully Sell on Phone, Email, Linkedin & F2F

Customised to your Specific Industry & Product or Service

To Generate 60% more Appointments

Grow deals size to double and Triple

To Generate 70% More Sales Conversions

Earn more and Grow to higher Positions

Authoritative Sales Training Program

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  • Linkedin Selling Specialist

    Batch 12 | Nov 23 - 27 | Mon - Fri | 5 - 7 pm Online

    Learn how to generate 10x more enquiries and sales using Linkedin Social Selling & Sales Navigator.



  • Lead Generation Specialist

    Batch 12 | Nov 30 -  Dec 04 | Mon - Fri | 5 - 7 pm Online 

    Learn How to Generate 10x more enquiries and appointments in First Contact over Phone and Email.



  • Sales Conversion Specialist

    Batch 12 | Dec 07 -  Dec 18 | Mon - Fri | 5 - 7 PM | Online

    Learn how to sell like an Authority and Win 70% More Sales without losing to Competition.



  • All 3 Course Bundle 

    Lead Generation + Sales Conversion + Social Selling Specialist

    How to Sell Like an Authority and Win 70% Sales without any Hard Selling?



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