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How to Generate Business Leads on Linkedin | Linkedin Sales Tips

Every Business, Sales Professional or Entrepreneur is trying his/her hands at Linkedin to Generate Business Leads. They regularly,

  • Send Connection Requests to Grow their Linkedin Network.

  • Make Posts on Linkedin to get Customer Engagement and Leads

  • Send out Messages to their existing network for lead generation but hardly get any response in return.

In short, they are struggling with the below par results.

Are you also using Linkedin for Demand Generation or Customer Engagement?

Are you getting the desired results?

If the answer to the last question is 'No' then please watch the Video to learn Top tips to

  • Get Maximum Connection Requests Accepted by Customers.

  • Get maximum Post Engagement

  • Get Maximum Lead Generation using Linkedin

I shot this recording while helping my mentees with Linkedin Issues.

If you like the Video, please encourage us by subscribing to our Youtube Channel

And, if you are struggling with the below Sales Challenges and would like to get over it then Join our Award Winning Top Sales Training Program in India - Authoritative Selling.

  • Struggling to generate meeting. Gatekeepers Block you?

  • Customers avoid you with excuses - Busy, send email, Not Interested? 

  • They disappear after hearing pricing & ignore emails?

  • They stop responding after receiving proposals?

  • They like your solution but don't buy?

  • Tough selling against cheaper competition?

  • Running behind multiple decision makers for Sales?

  • Unreasonable demands and hard negotiations?

  • Presentation/Negotiation is impossible without Manager?

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