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How to generate 10x more Leads & Sales from Linkedin?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

In Sales, I always wanted to grow faster but didn't know how?

  • Leads Generated by Marketing team was limited

  • Limited Inquiries resulted in Limited Sales & Incentives.

I wondered, if I could generate my own inquiries? However,

  • I had limited time from my daily calls & Followup

  • Cold Calling & Email Campaign takes time & Efforts

Linkedin was the Answer. Yes, the Platform I have been using for years to -

  • Check updates

  • Add New Connections

  • Seldom Post about Company's Promotion & Events.

I never thought I could stop depending upon the Incoming Leads given by Marketing Team and use Linkedin to -

  • Generate New Enquiries & Sales

  • Get more Incentives & money earned

  • Outperform Peers and Get Faster Growth

  • Become an Asset to the company & safeguard my Job

  • Offer Knowledge as Value & generate Passive Income [More Money]

Linkedin changed my entire Outbound Sales Process

  • From Hunting for Leads on Phone & Email

  • To Generate Inbound Leads & Sales with just one post/week.

I faced challenges when I started Linkedin Selling but now check out the video for No. of Leads I generate each week.

Interested to Learn how to Generate 10x more Leads & Sales on Linkedin with just 4 Hours a Week Efforts?

Checkout my upcoming Online Sales Training Program for Sales Professionals & Entrepreneurs called - Linked Selling Specialist here


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