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How to Handle Sales Rejections or Customer Objections?

I was selling in a highly competitive market and customers frequently objected - "Your Product is Expensive."

I made every effort to convince customers with reasons...

- It has more features than any other product.

- We offer quality solution & service.

It never worked and winning sales against cheaper competition became extremely difficult.

To come out of it, I started researching online, reading book, watching videos and I realised, objections are not rejections from Customers. They are actually question and genuine concerns from him.

So, when customers said

- "Your product is expensive."

He actually meant,

- "You didn't give me a stronger reason to invest more money in your product."

Key to success lied in disrupting his thought process with convincing responses. This needed a 4 Step framework called ABCD.

  • A for Acknowledgement and Authenticity. Acknowledge the Concern and Be Authentic in your Responses.

  • B for Benefits. Discuss what the customer gets to overcome the objections, NOT what the product does.

  • C for Clarity. If you’re faced with a difficult question or tough objection, it’s important to clarify.

  • D for Differentiation. Many Objections are faced due to a cheaper competition. You also need to know the turf of the cheaper competition and your differentiation.

So, I changed my response to -

"Yes, it's expensive compared to any cheaper product. But can those product -

- Increase your revenue by X%

- Reduce your Project TAT by X%

And, voila, now customer saw my point, accepted it & believed in it.

As a result,

- My sales conversion increased exponentially upto 70%.

Good News, I have compiled top 30 Sales Objections & Reasons such as -

- Its Expensive

- We already have a solution

- We are not interested

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