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How to handle the Sales Situation - Competition offer Freebies to the Customer?

The customer said to me - “X Company has offered us Premium Support Free for Life.”

It was really tough to win Sales when the Customer is offered Freebies by competition that we couldn't offer. I knew it won't benefit him. I said -

“I am sorry but as a company policy, we cannot offer it Free. We are offering the best service to ensure customer satisfaction.”

But I lost many Sales. Why?

I was fighting a Stronger emotion of 'Getting more in less investment' with a defensive response that failed to change his perception.

I figured I needed a -

- Short & Not defensive response that

- Passes the right message &

- Change perception

Idioms helped me crack the code.

I changed my response to -

“There's no such thing as a free lunch”

“I am sure, it must be coming at a cost of something else. I heard that product quality is questionable. It has been mentioned to me by customers who have upgraded from X to Us.

And Boom. I had their complete attention.

I researched popular Idioms to handle various sales situations as:

- The customer has the wrong impression of your product.

- Customers compare your Product with cheaper competition & more..

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