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How to Write Sales Emails that will force clients to reply?

As a Sales Executive, part of my Job was to write followup emails to

  • Not Interested Inquiries

  • Dormant or Non- Responsive Inquiries

I used to send beautifully created Email templates to clients highlighting product features, benefits and more but I barely got a response from them. I tried different formats & pitching but none seemed to work. I wasn't concerned either until I learnt that effective Emails Followup can double my Sales Conversion. I was leaving a hell lot of money on the table that could easily be mine. Yes, double Sales Conversion meant double Sales Revenue and Incentives. Suddenly, it made me desperate to find success in Email followups. However, I wasn't even aware if my email are - - Being Opened or Not - Read by Clients or Not In short, I was clueless of the real problem and the only way to figure this out was - Trial & Error. It took efforts to figure out how to use - - Subject Line as Hook - PSG Communication model to create Interest - Storytelling to create desire - CTAs to get a response Once I did it, I not only got a double response to my emails, I even got leads and sales.  Clients even appreciated my email writing skills till today. Do you also face 'No Response' to your email followups and campaigns.  Interested to get my Top 3 Cold Email Templates & PSG Model to help you revive leads?

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