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Wrong Sales Questions to Ask in a Sales Call

How I Killed Customers interest in buying my Products each time I made this mistake...

My first Job was to Sell over the Phone.

To me selling starts with being Nice Respectful to customers. For this I used to ask - How are you doing?

I thought I am taking keen interest in Customer's Day. It will help me -

  • Break the Ice

  • Build rapport with Customer

  • Create an opportunity to Sell Better.

I never realised it worked against me. This seemingly simple question is more personal and nobody likes to open up to a stranger answering a more personal question.

As it turned out, customer resisted my calls saying -

  • "Good. Who is this?

  • Why are you calling?

  • Who do you want to Speak to?

In short, they realised it is a Sales Call and now looking for an opportunity to get rid of it.

And, I lost a golden opportunity. I made such terrible mistakes countless time by asking questions such as :

  • Is it a Good Time?

  • What are you Challenges?

  • What is your Budget? and more...

It made me struggle for six months without generating successful Sales Opportunities.

Once I fixed it, I now have the perfect start to my Sales Calls -

- Customers stopped resisting my calls & showed genuine interest.

- They patiently listened to & answered my questions

- I started cracking 50% Sales Calls with Strangers into solid Sales Opportunities.

I am happy to inform you that I have made a list of Top 10 Wrong Sales Questions that I see Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs asking to their Customers and losing many Sales Opportunities.

I have also mentioned the better questions that you can ask to build relationship with Customers and create a better opportunity for cracking appointments and meetings.

Would like to get a FREE copy? Download it by Filling the Form Below.

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