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The single biggest Business Killer–

Lack of Sales ~Forbes

75% of the time, customers made their decision before connecting with Sales Rep. Then why do businesses have lead conversion rate of less than 14%. That’s a huge loss of over 50% of the potential revenue.

The Problem

  • According to Forbes magazine, 55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills.

  • In B2B, only 10% or even less of companies has anyone with serious sales experience.

  • 67% of sales professionals do not attain individual quota. 

  • Over 50% of sales managers are too occupied to train and develop their sales teams.

The Impact

  • Potential Revenue Opportunity Loss of upto 60% by not acquiring New Leads.

  • Actual Revenue Loss of upto 20% by losing existing leads.

  • High investments lost in hiring, retaining, Firing of non-performing Sales Reps.

  • Investments lost in maintaining Marketing & Sales Operation. 

The Indicators

How do you know if your team needs Sales Training?

Our Solution

We just don’t teach Sales Process. We nail the exact