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The single biggest Business Killer–

Lack of Sales ~Forbes

75% of the time, customers made their decision before connecting with Sales Rep. Then why do businesses have lead conversion rate of less than 14%. That’s a huge loss of over 50% of the potential revenue.

The Problem

  • According to Forbes magazine, 55% of salespeople lack basic sales skills.

  • In B2B, only 10% or even less of companies has anyone with serious sales experience.

  • 67% of sales professionals do not attain individual quota. 

  • Over 50% of sales managers are too occupied to train and develop their sales teams.

The Impact

  • Potential Revenue Opportunity Loss of upto 60% by not acquiring New Leads.

  • Actual Revenue Loss of upto 20% by losing existing leads.

  • High investments lost in hiring, retaining, Firing of non-performing Sales Reps.

  • Investments lost in maintaining Marketing & Sales Operation. 

The Indicators

How do you know if your team needs Sales Training?

Our Solution

We just don’t teach Sales Process. We nail the exact problem with your Sales Team Productivity and fix it.

Sales Training in Bangalore

Step 1

We  will study your sales process, Product, Sales team skills and customer segment to narrow down the bottlenecks in Revenue Stream.

Sales Consulting
Top Sales Training Companies in India

Step 2

We will deliver the right skill set training to your team to eliminate the bottlenecks and open the free flowing revenue stream for your business growth.

Sales Training
Sales Training in India

Step 3

Post Training Support through Weekly Calls, access to Training Academy will ensure consistent upgraded performance, productivity & Revenue Growth.

Ongoing Support

Your Gain

We strongly believe customer is at the centre of the Sales Process. Customer and his business, needs, requirements, challenges forms 80% of the sales discussion and rest 20% is how an organization can help resolve it.

We teach  “Authoritative Selling” to create consultants and not Salesman. Consultants who:


Showcase Customer & his Business Knowledge and Trust builds automatically.


Provide solution for his business problems and sales happen automatically.