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#1 Reason Why Sales People struggle to generate business leads?

Hey friends, how’s everyone doing? I hope everyone is having a good productive day so far?

I am getting lots of questions around Lead Generation. Sales People/Entrepreneurs are having a tough time generating leads. They are barely generating single digit leads out of a full day’s efforts. so I thought of doing a Video series on Lead Generation. As part of it, I am going to cover strategies that are going to help you turn cold leads into hot leads 50% of the time.

This video is going to be about the #1 Reason Why Sales People struggle to generate business leads?

Let me ask you, why do you think Sales People struggle at Lead Generation?

  • Your pricing is higher than your competition and customer wants inexpensive options.

  • Customer already having a better product and doesn’t want to switch? Or

  • Your product is new and customer doesn’t want to risk it or

  • Competition is better than your product and customer likes competition? Or

Well, you will hear all kind of reasons but the real fact it, it’s because of not choosing the right Channels for Lead Generation. It’s a very strategic decision to make for a Sales Rep depending upon –

  • What kind results they wish to achieve

  • How soon do they wish to achieve the desired results etc…

There are multiple options available for lead generation and majorly followed by Sales Teams are viz Cold Calling, Email Campaigns to Database, In-Person meeting and Social Media such as Linkedin or Facebook.

However, in majority of cases, I have seen Sales People prefer Email or Social Media over Cold Calling.

And, why do they do it?

Its’ because of the fear rejections. They fear interrupting someone in the middle of their work; they fear rejections such as ‘Not Interested’ or ‘Call Me Back’; they fear the effort involved in calling people and explaining products. Instead, they find it easy to drop an email, or drop a note over social media since it doesn’t involve huge efforts of talking and convincing customers.

As a result, they keep dropping follow-up emails to dead leads or keep sending social media messages throughout the day in a hope that prospect will respond but that doesn’t happen. This leads to Sales Reps struggling to generate leads, convert sales and make money which is there on the table, right in front of you but you are unable to grab it.

Email and Social Media are great for lead generation but they have their own limitations –

  • Lead Generation is slow over email and social media

  • It requires consistent efforts of Content Creation, Content Distribution, Branding Building before you could reap the massive results social media has to offer. But, you don’t have time and tools to do it. So, instead, you should choose Cold Calling as the primary channel for lead generation.

Why Cold Calling?

  • Every prospect is easily accessible over phone

  • Every prospect is instantly accessible over phone unlike Email and Social which are checked every couple of hours.

  • Cold Calling is the quickest and most effective way of getting instant hot leads, appointments as compared to Email and Social Media.

This makes Cold Calling #1 choice of Top Sales Professionals to get instant leads.

So, does it mean, you should not do Email and Social Media at all?

Nope, that would be a deadly mistake too. Email and Social has vast reach unlike cold calling that is limited in reach. While, you should focus on Cold Calling for instant leads and alongside you should be investing limited but consistent efforts on Email and Social Media like an hour a day to build your following that can be used for consistent lead generation in coming months. This approach is called ‘Balanced Prospecting’.

Alright, so, Cold Calling is the way to go if you need faster hot leads and appointments. In my upcoming videos, I will be covering strategies on how to succeed at lead generation through cold calling. If you want to get it, just follow me here and put a comment in the comment box saying ‘Yes’.

Alright, I have a question for you, what do you think is the #1 Mistake we do in Cold Calling that leads no lead generation? Please put down your suggestions in the comment box below. Top 5 right answers will be mentioned in my next video with your name and will also get a free access to my Sales Decoded Academy that has over 15 Sales Courses, Sales Management Webinars, My Best Seller Book Sales Decoded and more… So, what are you waiting for, put in your suggestions in comment box.

And, if you are interested in attending my Authoritative Sales Training Workshops in your city to crack 70% leads in first contact, check out the link in the comment box for details.

For now, I take you leave, I will see you in 2 days with my next video.

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