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How to Win Back Lost Sales Leads?

Ravi asked - where are your lost sales inquiries?

I replied - I sent it to the marketing team.

Ravi said - You just dumped them into the Black Hole.

I realised that's true. I did this for the last 4 months and never saw a lead coming back.

I asked Ravi - Why so?

He said - Did you ever see a customer getting excited over a Monthly Newsletter.

They dropped for a reason. It could be -

  • Missing Product Features

  • High Pricing & Budget Issues

  • Support Model & Competition or just

  • Company Culture etc...

"Find that reason and try to fix it in your followup email if you want any chance of them coming back."

And, Boom! He just dropped an idea to cultivate the Dead Leads Gold Mine.

I immediately set out to find the reasons for customers dropping.

I created followup templates that helped me target lost sales leads with right reasons. And the result was amazing -

  • Customers started responding to me

  • They started sharing their concerns.

  • I started getting more leads and eventually more sales coming back each month.

Good News.

I created a list of my top 6 email templates for Lost Sales Leads and how to bring them back.

Interested to get a copy of my ebook on : "Best Email Templates to Win Back Lost Leads".

Remember : Ebooks are Available to Download towards the Bottom of the Web Page.

Page also gives you access to 16 Different Sales Ebooks -

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Remember : Ebooks are Available to Download towards the Bottom of the Web Page.


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