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Sales Training for Automobile Spare Parts Manufacturer

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Sales Training for Automobile Parts Manufacturers

We recently conducted a two-day training program for South India's one of the largest automobile spare parts providers. We focused on enhancing their Sales, Business Communication and Service Handling skills to meet industry demands effectively.

Client Background:

1. Services Offered: The client operates in the spare parts sector within the automobile industry, primarily serving business-to-business (B2B) clients. They supply spare parts to various businesses involved in the automotive sector.

2. Sales Type: Business-to-business (B2B) Field Sales.

3. Team Dynamics: The sales team is spread across the country, with members at various levels of authority and experience, ranging from freshers with just one year of experience to seasoned professionals with up to 20 years in the field.

4. Sales Challenges:

The sales team faced several challenges:

Inquiry Conversion: They struggled to effectively convert inquiries into sales, which could result in missed opportunities and revenue.

Supply Delays: Occasional delays in supplies led to customer dissatisfaction, potentially damaging client relationships.

Competition: They faced stiff competition in the spare parts industry, making it challenging to win over clients and secure deals.

Pre-Training Assessment Activities Conducted:

Dishah conducted a thorough Training Needs Analysis for the sales training of an Automobile Spare Parts Manufacturer. This analysis aimed to identify gaps in the sales process and the sales team's approach, enabling the creation of customized and performance-driven programs. Dishah conducted:

1. Online Assessment

2. Stakeholder Calls

Top 3 Problems Identified:

1. Lack of Customer Persona Skills, Probing, Sales Pitch and Objections Handling: The sales team struggled to understand and effectively engage with different customer personas. This deficiency hindered personalized sales approach and relationship-building efforts.

2. Communication Skills Gap: The sales team faced issues related to communication, encompassing various modes such as one-on-one interactions, telephone conversations, and email communication. Effective communication is crucial for building trust and rapport with clients.

3. Difficulty in Addressing Customer Grievances: The sales team had challenges in addressing customer grievances adequately. Failure to address these issues promptly and effectively lead to customer dissatisfaction and loss of business.

Top Solutions Provided:

1. Customer Persona Training: The sales team received training on understanding customer personas, Probing Skills, Sales Pitch, Objections Handling, Negotiations, Sales Pipeline Management and Goal Setting to enable them to build stronger relationships by tailoring their sales approaches to individual client needs and preferences. This helped them close more sales.

2. Communication Skills Training: The sales team underwent comprehensive business communication skills training. This training covered various communication modes, including one-on-one interactions, telephone conversations, and email communication. Effective communication is critical for conveying value, building trust, and resolving issues.

3. Effective Grievance Handling: Training emphasized a direct and proactive approach to addressing customer grievances. This approach aimed to resolve issues promptly, improve customer satisfaction, and retain business relationships.

Client Feedback:

1. This is our second Training Program with Dishah Consultants.

2. The Sales Training was exceptional. We loved the idea of brainstorming on how to increase sales. All the inputs we have gathered from the exercise are being implemented right now. Sales team fondly remembered all the activities, role plays, mock sessions conducted and the fun and learning associated with it.

3. Thanks to Dishah and Mr. Sridhar for the wonderful learning experience.

Highlight of the Training:

  • Sales team thoroughly enjoyed the Glass Activity and activities conducted on First Impression, presentation & communication skills and Body Language. They were thoroughly enjoying the activity of finding mistakes in other teams.

  • During the Spaghetti Marshmallow activity, teams were fighting over who was the winner.

  • Management was shocked to see the team Sales Communication transformation over a period of two days and mentioned that this team looks altogether a different team now.

Are you also struggling with these challenges and would like to get over it? At Dishah Consultants, we offer the best personalised & customised Sales training Program. As one of the top sales training companies in India, we offer various services, including:

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  • Sales Leadership Training

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  • Leadership Training and more…

To learn more about Dishah Consultants sales training program, visit Our website at

To listen to what our corporate clients and participants has to say about our Sales Training Program, please click here

About the Trainer

S. Sridhar, is an accomplished Senior Sales and Leadership trainer from Dishah.

With an illustrious career spanning an impressive four decades and a wealth of experience and expertise in the realm of sales and leadership, Mr. Sridhar has trained over 75,000 Professionals across South India in Tamil and English.

S. Sridhar

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