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Major Sales Challenges faced by Logistics Companies

Dishah Consultants recently completed 2 Days Authoritative Selling Training Program for a Global Freight Forwarder organisation in Logistics.

Top 3 Major Sales Challenges faced by Freight Forwarder[FF] Sales Teams in Logistics are:

  • Sales Appointments & New Inquiries Generation - It's hard to Find Decision Maker Contacts and generate Appointments.

  • Low Sales Conversion - It's hard to convince shippers to give order. They are either already working with another [FF] or Not Interested.

  • Losing Sales to Competition - It's a highly competitive market and winning deals against Established FF such as DHL, Expeditors etc... is tough.

  • Low Sales Referrals - Sales Team struggles to generate new referrals from Existing Customers.

#AuthoritativeSelling Lead Generation and Sales Conversion Approach helped the team Learn -

  • Consultative & Value Selling to Get 'Foot-in-the-Door'

  • Sales Communication

  • Competitive Intelligence and Unique Selling Proposition

  • Emotional Intelligence and Story Telling

  • Personal Branding & Relationship Building

Sales Team rated the program 5/5 in addressing their Current Sales Challenges.

Participants Said - "The trainer extensively increased our knowledge level about how to deal a customer in a better way. The session was good and entertaining also since he included game session and discussion with the trainees."

Interested to learn more about Authoritative Selling?

As part of the Training Program, you will learn to:

  • Decode his Psychology

  • Identify his Buying Motivations.

  • Use Sales Communication Strategies to Influence his Purchase Decisions.

  • Use Presentation Techniques to create Urgency and Wow Customers.

  • Competition Techniques to convince Customers against Cheaper & Established Competition.

  • Negotiation Techniques to get Customers Invest more.

  • Closing Techniques to Win maximum Sales & Generate Referrals.

What will you Gain?

👉You will be able to quickly Build Customer Database for Lead Generation. 👉You will Reach Decision Makers on First Attempt. 👉Customers will show interest in talking to you instead of ignoring your Calls & Emails. 👉Customer will easily share their business information with you without Objections. 👉Maximum Customer will show interest in your Appointments & Product Presentations

👉 You will be able to convince Customer to Upgrade from their Existing Solution to you.

👉 You will be able to convince Customers against Cheaper Competition. 👉You will generate 10X more Appointments from Daily Calls & Emails.

👉 You will be able to convert 70% enquiries into Sales without any Hard Selling 👉You will be highly productive to Dial Maximum Calls on a Daily Basis 👉More Sales, Incentives and faster Growth for you.

Participants Feedback

Interested to learn more about Authoritative Selling?


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