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Invitation - Review and Q&A Sessions for Authoritative Selling Workshop Attendees

As we complete Grand 1st year of Authoritative Selling, conducting 100+ Classroom and Online Workshops across 6 Major Cities of India - Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata; training 10,000+ Sales Professionals/Entrepreneurs, 50+ Corporate; I would like to congratulate you all for being part of this wonderful Journey.

We have been getting extremely positive response for Authoritative Selling Workshop (literally 5/5 rating). Additionally, we are also getting lot of requests for Review and Q&A Session with Amit to personalize Authoritative Selling Approach.

Considering the amount of individual requests we are receiving, we are excited to inform you, we are launching a series of 'Online' Review and Q&A Session with Amit as per the below agenda.

These session will help Attendees to get their Sales Pitch, Sales Approach, Objection Responses, Presentations and other artifacts reviewed by Amit and implement as per their industry and Product to achieve greater success in Sales.

In addition, there will be a Q&A Session to ask your questions and hurdles you are facing in Sales and get required guidance and support for it.

  • Session 1 - Reviewing Authoritative Introduction, Sales Pitch and Cold Calling

  • Session 2 - Reviewing 'Nudging', 'Power of Customization' & 'Qualification' approach

  • Session 3 - Reviewing 5 Product Features in PSG Framework

  • Session 4 - Review 'Sales Presentation' PPT using 'Reverse Engineering' & PSG Model.

  • Session 5 - Review Negotiation Proposals and Strategies Q&A

  • Session 6 - Review Email Marketing Campaign

  • Session 7 - Review Social Media Marketing Campaign

  • Session 8 - Review Content Marketing & Video Marketing Campaign

Are you excited too to join the session and get Authoritative Selling approach Customized and Implemented for your Industry & Product? Then note down these key logistic details to join upcoming sessions -

  • Weekly Online Session

  • Session duration is 1 Hour.

  • Sessions will be conducted every Thursday from 3 pm to 4pm using SKYPE

  • You can join session using Latpop/Mobile and Internet.

  • To join sessions, please join the private 'Invite Only' Whatsapp Group exclusively created for you. Send us an email at to get personal invite .

  • Skype ID and Q&A Session Details will be shared through Whatsapp Group.

  • Whatspp group will also be used to share latest Sales Strategy Videos, Blogs and other Sales Tips by Amit.

All the Best and see you soon. Till then, Good Bye.

If you would like to connect with Amit, you can connect with him on linkedin here

If you would like to connect with Amit, you can connect with him on linkedin here

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