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How do I know if Customer is interested in Sales?

My manager was listening to my sales call.

Customer said - "Sounds great. Please share more details."

I was excited but my manager said - "You lost him."

I was shocked.

I said to him - "Customer wanted more details. He is definitely interested."

Manager Said - "You only looked for 'Positive' signals. Did you look for 'No Interest' signals' customer gave -

  • Lazy responses such as - "Oh really", "totally".

  • Non-Mirroring language

  • Filler Words etc...?

I realised I didn't look for 'No Interest Signals'. This is the reason why many customers promised they will :

  • Get Back to Me

  • Buy my Product

But they just stopped responding to me.

Unless I recognise those signals, I will never be able to control the conversation or win it. I researched desperately for all 'No Interest" signals displayed by Customers in a conversation related to:

  • Tone Quality

  • Body Language

  • Natural Responses etc...

This really helped me to turn around dis-interest amicably avoiding a bad impression and win more conversations.

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