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Best Sales Technique to turn Customer's 'No' into 'Yes'

It was my 4th month in Sales. I was selling Hardware Solutions in Indian Market.

I called one of the customers and asked - Would you like me schedule a product demo for you and his reply was - "No, Not Yet."

I told him, I will followup again to setup product demo and got off the phone.

I knew this is not going to work. Many customers kept deferring my requests for -

- First Meetings

- Product Demo

- Placing Orders.

It was killing my Sales Cycle running in months instead of Weeks.

That's when I came across - Option Question Technique.

A very simple technique with a profound impact on outcomes.

This simply converted customer 'No' into 'Yes' for most of my customers.

Watch the Video to Learn more about - Option Question Technique.

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