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Top 50 Sales Acronyms frequently used by Clients and Sales Managers.

3 months into the Sales Job, I received an email from a client asking - "Send me the MSA with FMV."

I was Clueless.

My colleague mentioned MSA is a

'Master Service Agreement' but he doesn't know FMV.

I tried Google but there were so many different answers to it and nothing seemed relevant.

He suggested contacting our President for help.

I was a little hesitant but the client email was screaming for an answer since it was - Ready to Purchase Email.

I called our President & requested help with FMV.

In a jiffy he said, "It is Fair Market Value. Client is asking for a reasonable price in line with their Budget."

It sounded so simple & obvious.

I realized, Sales Conversations with Clients/Sales Managers are full of short terms.

Terms such as -







are frequently used and to stay ahead, it is crucial to be aware of these terms.

So, I prepared the list of Top 50 Sales Terms used frequently. Thereafter, I rarely faced a situation like this.

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