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Top Sales Training Challenges for Spare Parts Suppliers

Sales Training for Spare Parts Suppliers, dealers, distributors, businesses
Sales Training for Spare Parts Suppliers

Recently, we finished the Sales Training for one of the largest Spare Parts supplier spanning across Pan India with 300+ Sales Executives, RMs to be trained in 11 cities and multiple languages. The major challenges faced were :

  • Cut throat competition from other distributors selling the same products.

  • Delay in payment Collections from existing retailers.

  • Challenges involved in acquiring new retailers.

  • Handling Retailers discounts, pricing and margins related objections.

  • Handling dissatisfied retailers for Stock non availability and delayed deliveries etc…

This impacted Sales Team motivation as well So how can you solve these problems? To solve it, first we needed to identify the root cause of the problems. Our thorough pre-training analysis revealed:

  • Sales team lacked business development skills to identify the right dealers and effectively onboard them.

  • Sales team followed a highly transactional selling approach in dealing with Dealers leading to unproductive Daily Calls/Visits.

  • Range Sell, Upsell & Cross-selling skills were missing leading to low Sales Orders and Volumes.

  • Relationship Building was completely missing leading to delayed payments.

  • Team was not ready to handle Objections & Negotiation effectively..

In the training, we taught them how to

  • Upgrade to CEO Mindset & Personality Development

  • Consultative Selling with communication & persuasion techniques,

  • Goal Setting & Productivity along with

  • Consistent follow ups with customers,

  • Introduced tools for faster payment collection, and discussed

  • Techniques for Relationship building and driving early payments.

We began to talk about how timely payments are essential for business and How we can navigate this? One of them inquired, "Is there a method to balance this without adversely affecting our finances?" "Absolutely," We nodded. "We'll start with clear, confident communication about payment terms. Then, employ persuasive techniques to emphasise your product's value and encourage on-time payments." An individual queried, "And if they still delay payments?" "Here's where the follow-up strategy comes in," We replied. "We'll explore tools to speed up payments. You could even offer incentives for early payments. Think of it as a long-term gain for Building trust and consistent cash flow. Remember, regular and professional follow-up is key." The training unfolded case studies, role plays, quizzes, and feedback. They were engaged, sharing experiences and challenges, enriching the dialogue. In the end, Training was rated exceptional with a 5/5 rating by all participants and management alike. They mentioned,

  • The trainer's expertise was evident throughout the session.

  • This training introduced fresh approaches.

  • The role-playing exercises were eye-opening.

  • The session was well-structured and engaging.

Are you also struggling with these challenges and would like to get over it? At Dishah Consultants, we offer the best personalised & customised Sales training Program. As one of the top sales training companies in India, we offer various services, including:

  • Authoritative Sales Training

  • Sales Leadership Training

  • Soft Skills & Business Communication Training

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  • College to Corporate Transformation Training

  • Leadership Training and more…

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