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My recent Expert Talk on Leadership Skills at Oakridge International - Top Habits of highly Successf

Oakridge International invited me to be a Guest Speaker to Inspire Oakridgers on 'Top Leadership Skills'. I had to deliver a one hour session to inspire the young generation on how to rise above the average to become the top leaders in your preferred domains.

Guest Speaker Invite for Amit Sharma Top Sales Leader in India

To be honest, I was excited as it is my favorite topic - Leadership & Sales. I arrived at the hall around 8:45 Am. I was expecting to be heading straight to the stage to deliver my keynote but to my surprise, I was greeted by the Director - Ms. Hemalatha ahead of the event. We had a little chat ahead of the event. Our little chat was about our work, experiences and vision and to be frank, I developed a huge respect for the vision she has to develop Oakridge and the work she and her team have been doing for the current success of the institution.

She did surprise me when she mentioned - I have read your book as well and I am also a strong believer of Sales and Sales Strategies needed to upscale business growth. A good chat and excellent experience sharing. From there, we move on to address our audience.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the full house and audience eagerly waiting for me. Energy and Enthusiasm was part of the environment and I loved to be part of it. My keynote started with my Introduction I was there to talk about Leadership skills and these critical skills can help them achieve their dreams, desires and wishes. I begin the talk by asking - Why do people struggle to grow in their life? And, there was silence. Soon the silence was broken with wide variety of answers as -

  • People don't dream

  • People Give up

  • People lack imagination and lots more...

I used to think the same when I started as professional. It was a hard question to find out then. But now, when I started studying successful leader in the world, their massive success and achievements, I discovered something beautiful.

Something discreet, a pattern that is followed by all successful leaders in the world to achieve everything they wish for. And the most beautiful part is – they do not achieve this through hardwork or taking lots of pain. The whole point is, they achieve their big goal effortlessly.

And, that’s because the pattern, the design, the system that they follow is so powerful that it helps you achieve everything effortlessly. Yet, the system is so simple that it doesn’t need big efforts. A small change in your daily life and you become successful.

This is that system that help 10% of people in the world achieve their dream and 90% of people fail to achieve anything without it. Do you want to learn it? It's called

MAPS | Direction for Success

Maps just like our Google maps that guide us with routes and directions. This MAPS gives us direction for success. It has only 4 steps. It’s simple, it’s powerful and it has god like abilities to grant any wish you will have.

MAPS - Mindset for Success

Steve Jobs once said - My HUNGER is not for SUCCESS; it is for EXCELLENCE. Because when you Attain Excellence, Success just naturally FOLLOWS.

Most of the people just dream in their life but they never work towards it.They dream to become a successful Entrepreneur, Businessman, Professional, Doctor, Engineer, Sportsman but how many of them actually work towards it - hardly 20% and how many put organized efforts towards achieving it - hardly 10%. So, you see the difference.

Successful People Don’t Just Dream. They don't just dream to be a success Author. They define their Goals – To write the Best Seller Book and become the Top Author of India in next 10 Years is a Goal. Understand this -

o Dreams can undefined. Goals have directions and are defined & measurable.

o Dreams can inspire you. Goals can change your life. o Dreams are free. Goals need commitment. o Goals must have focus. Dreams don’t. o Goals produce success. Dreams don’t.

• Revers Engineer the Goal to Habits. Break Down Plan into Daily Habits.

o If you want to be a Top Author in the Country, then find out how is it possible. o What type of Audience do you wish to target? o What are the hot topics your audience like? o What type of books have been written before that went on to become the best seller? o How many of them are there? o Do you need to read those books to understand your audience choice? o Find out those books on Amazon to read audience reviews and what do they like about it.

o Buy one book and start reading such books for 30 minutes a day.

o Dedicate 30 minutes to write your book.

Did you see the magic here, a big life goal which is so huge gets broken down into a 30 minutes daily habit and you just win. That's how successful people break down big goals of their life into daily habits to become successful.

MAPS - Action

Anthony Robbins once said – Personal Power is the ability to take action.

Majority of People do not take action in life. 80% of people do not plan their success. With the Mindset step above, it will help you plan your success but it doesn’t stop there. 20% of people plan their success but only 10% of People achieve success. Because, until you execute your plan, you won’t achieve results. It’s like you wish to bake a cake. You have written down all the ingredients needed and written down the whole plan to bake a cake but unless you don’t execute those steps, you won’t have a cake to eat.

Successful People execute their plans and this separates them for people who do not achieve success.

  • Prioritize your Action.

  • Plan your day wisely

  • Allocate time to achieve your Daily Goal

  • Your goal achievement should be your top priority

  • Rest of the daily chorus follows afterwards

  • Allocate time for goal achievement early in the morning or late evening when it's quite.

  • Follow Military Discipline

  • Discipline is the foundation for success.

  • Follow your habit every day without fail.

  • Don’t miss even a single day.

Action & Discipline is everything and will lead to success. Otherwise, its just a dream and nothing more.

MAPS - Productivity

Tim Ferrise once said – Focus on Being Productive instead of Busy and you will achieve success.

People occupy themselves with tasks that makes them busy but take them away from their goal. Tasks such as spending time watching movies, chatting for hours. Not doing tasks will make them lose. Imagine, people won’t have 30 minutes for their success but they will have hours and hours for unproductive tasks and finally, when they fail to achieve their dreams, they complaint, they feel bad, they blame on the fate and struggle for the rest of their life.

If you want to among the 10% of the people who achieve definite success and massive success in their life then,

  • Don't Be Busy, Be Productive

  • Stop the tasks that are unproductive.

  • If you cannot stop them then reduce them.

  • If you watch TV for 3 hours, reduce it to 2 hours and use that extra 1 hour for Goal Achievements.

  • If you chat for hours then reduce it to become more productive.

  • Analyse your unproductive task and reduce them to increase your productivity to achieve goals faster.

  • So, if you plan your success in 10 years, you will actually achieve it in 5 years just by reducing your unproductive tasks.

  • Notice, I am not asking you to leave unproductive tasks because they too have an important role to play in your life. You can have your share of entertainment..All I am asking you to do it, reduce each one of those by 15 minutes. Is that a lot to ask for success?

  • Expand your horizon with the extra time.

  • Engage in discussion with successful people from your field of interest.

  • Follow Influencers,

  • Watch Educational Videos

  • Attend Events

Productivity will result in guaranteed and Quick Success.

MAPS - Self-Evaluation

Bill Gates once said – Build up your weakness until they become your strength.

It is important to understand our strengths and weakness and work on our weakness till it become our strength.

A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Majority of people just try to give their best. Have you ever tried to identify what has worked for you in the past that has helped you to achieve your goals and what are those activities, habits, attitude that were harmful to your progress? It is important to self-evaluate to be successful.

  • Spend 10 minutes alone in a mental review of all your activities.

  • List down your Strengths – Things you are performing well and ensure you continue with it.

  • List down your weaknesses – Things that are keeping you away from your Goals.

  • Work on your Weakness till they become your strength.

And, you will see that nothing in this world can stop you from achieving your dreams, becoming successful and becoming invincible

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