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How to win deals from competition?

"We are losing our interested leads to competition!" - Dinesh mentioned.

“We sell ERP solution. Our customers compare us to competition and put across lots of features & Pricing objections and then they just disappear. Many of our leads become inactive after initial discussions. How can we stop this?” - Dinesh asked when they approached me for Sales Training Workshop.

Software industry is highly competitive and currently facing a price war. Customers are also not very clear on Value Proposition of various solutions available in the market.. This push the responsibility on Salesman to -

1. Understand customer requirements

2. Justify partnership's unique value over competition and

3. Establish customer trust & confidence in the Product, Brand & Partnership.

But if Salesman struggle to hold productive discussion, win his trust and justify solution value then Objections will follow and competition will win the deal. Objections such as -

a. We are already using a Solution

b. How do you compare to X solution

c. We are offered X price. Can you match this?

We need to understand that Objections are not the problem here. They are just the symptoms. There is something else at play and that is, customer is unclear of the Unique Value Proposition that he is gaining by partnering with you. Salesman has failed to answer the following hidden questions running through customer's mind -

a. How your Solution is right for my Needs?

b. How your Solution is better than the competition?

c. Am I getting a best value and price?

d. Can I trust you, your product & Brand?

Check out how Dinesh & Inigo got it resolved through my workshop here.

Are you also losing deals to competition or seeing lots of hot leads becoming inactive? Get details of my upcoming workshops in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad to get over lead conversion struggle

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