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Sales Training Workshop in Hyderabad

Why Customers give me excuses asked Devasheesh in my Hyderabad Workshop.

Sales Training in Hyderabad by Amit Sharma

1 Workshop, 15 Sales Skills, 1 aim - Be an Authority in Sales to attract leads like a magnet & crack deals in the first call / meeting.

Exciting day began with cheering & enthusiasm at it's peak. Participants arrived an hour before the schedule. Young, energetic crowd, hungry for success. Kept me at feet with over 50+ problems to address like -

  • Customers don't trust me & ignores my emails, messages.

  • Gatekeepers block me.

  • Competition is stronger/cheaper

  • Customers disengage after hearing the pricing.

  • I have to run after customers to get appointments

  • Customers demand heavy discounts so on & so forth

Distressed & desperate for a solution; after they learnt Authoritative selling approach, they had this to say -

Devasheeh - "I had attended programs that cost Rs. 30,000 but this workshop has addressed my problems. Thanks Amit."

Anuraag - "I struggled to gain customer's trust. I now have the right strategy to deal with it."

Vigneshwar - "I have successful business idea but finding customers were painful. I see what was wrong. I am going to be successful now"

Are your prospective clients also giving excuses instead of sale? Join my next 'Sales Training' workshop in Chennai, Bangalore or Hyderabad where I would disclose the reasons why customers ignore you as well as provide strategies that will make you more Likeable, Believable and Sell-able. Visit for workshop details.

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