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Authoritative Sales Training By Amit Sharma was extraordinary

80% Percent of the Sales Executives globally are struggling today to close deals. They struggle with

  1. Gaining customers Trust

  2. Customer Ignore them and do not responding to their calls/messages

  3. Customer isn’t convinced to buy their product over competition

  4. Customer isn’t sure of the Value Proposition and invest minimum.

These are some of the problem that our Chennai Workshop Participants were struggling with when they came to join the workshop. Now, they have this to say -

Kripha mentioned – I was having lot of Lead conversion, Qualifications and Negotiations issues and have tried many Sales training solutions before coming here. Now, I have answers to all the problems.

Godwin Said –

Customers were running away from us. We had to convince them a lot and still there were hardly any response. But now, I have all the answers.

“Training was Awesome – Great experience.

You showed me “where I am – where I can go”.

Already making changes to my Mindset, my introduction, my presentation.

Authoritative Selling – I was underselling myself – after this program I will POWER SELL.

Trust & Response – Great Learning

First activity was excellent – Always start end in mind. I redid the exercise in my home – yes, the right way to build it. Good Approach.

Pain, Gain & Numbers in our introduction - was excellent. Already changed.

Working on my LinkedIN, facebook pages.

During introduction – Don’t call anyone by Sir – Already put that into action.

Dressing for Success – Good one

Many more – but let me work on the TASK given in the ptp and write my experience.

I will also make 1 min vid about my product as well.”

Sharan (Entrepreneur) mention - “Authoritative Selling Workshop was extraordinary. I feel extremely luck to attend it. I was making so many mistakes leading to customers running away from me and I was blaming it is on:

  1. My product doesn’t have all the features,

  2. My organization is not a big brand and competition is extremely strong.

It has changed me from Inside Out. I was under-selling and now I am empowered to Power Sell. I thank my organization for providing this opportunity.”

Are you also struggling with Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Deal Conversion issues and would like to turn it around from struggling to closing 60 to 70% of your deals in first contact? Join our next workshop in Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore here.

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