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Best 15 Cold Calling Scripts to Generate 10x More Leads.

Best 15 Cold Calling Scripts
Best 15 Cold Calling Scripts

I was great with Sales Closures. Then I was told to handle Cold Calls for Lead Generation [ Additional Responsibility as a reward ;-) ]

I thought it would be similar to Sales Closure. Who doesn't like a good product?

I was clearly mistaken...

Not a single soul was interested in the new product. Every Cold Call I made was rejected with excuses:

- Busy

- Not Interested

- Call me back later

- We are happy with what we have ... blah..blah..blah...

I tried different pitches like the one below but none seemed to work.

"Hi, My Name is Amit. I am calling from XYZ company. We are offering XYZ products. I wanted to get a minute from you to discuss our offering."

One day my senior colleague saw me trying hard and getting nowhere.

He approached me and said, dude, cut the crap. Don't make it all about you and your company. Focus on Customer's Desires and Pains."

It was an eye-opener. I quickly changed my pitch to focus on the customer.

" Hi, this is Amit from XYZ. I am a _______ Consultant offering XYZ solutions.

Many of our existing customers belonging to (prospect's industry name) have successfully achieved 10x growth in (your expertise) with (our product name).

Does that sound interesting to you?

Would you be interested to schedule a quick call to showcase how [Our Product] can benefit you in terms of time _______ and/or money______? "

And, voila, my conversions went from 1 meeting a day to up to 8 meetings a day.

Do you also face a 'Not Interested' response to your cold call?

Great News. I have compiled my Best 15 Cold Calling Scripts that will help you generate 10x more responses from clients.

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