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How to convince Customers using the 'Self Concept' Sales Persuasion Techniques?

Sales Persuasion Techniques
Sales Persuasion Techniques

I was in a Sales meeting with our CEO & Sales Manager. CEO asked: What is this month's pipeline? I said: 20 Lakhs. Some customers are undecided. CEO asked: Did you try the "Self-Concept" technique?... I told him, let me try and update you.

I quickly approached my sr. colleague and asked, Gokul, what this "Self-Concept" persuasion technique is. He explained - Remind customers of their self-image to persuade them to a specific action. I was like - Gokul English Please. He continued - okay, you do this. Go to the customer and say: "You seem to be the one who believes in bigger growth and taking quick actions" "Am I right?" Now, no customer will say "No" to it. When the customer says yes, ask them "What is stopping you from taking quick action on this deal" and see the results. He was right. After a short discussion, I got their reasons for not buying, and many sales happened. It was an excellent sales tip and it became my obsession to learn all persuasion techniques that exist. It really helped me not just fast track my career growth from Sales Executive to VP Sales in just a couple of years but also close bigger deals for my Corporate Sales Training Company - Dishah Consultants Good News. I have gathered my best 15 Sales Persuasion Techniques such as: - Ransberger Pivot - The Ellsberg paradox - Framing - Priming - Anchoring - Cognitive Dissonance - Loss Aversion etc... that will help you close deals faster and double your Sales Conversions. Would you like a copy? Access your complimentary copy from

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