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Do this and you will never have an inactive prospect in your funnel

How to reduce inactive sales leads | accounts | prospects

For a Sales Rep, new prospect in the sales funnel is like the apple of his eye. A new opportunity to work on revives your enthusiasm. Your focus shifts to reaching out to the new prospect as quickly as possible and to flatter him with your great solution, it's awesome features, benefits and the promise that it will take his business to next level.

Everything goes as per the plan in the meeting, prospect was excited about your proposal and then, he just disappears into thin Air. You have tried reaching out to him over email, phone and even social media but he doesn’t respond and what freaks you out the most is that you are clueless. WHY?

Then you quit waiting and try to chase him down with your follow up attempts hoping he would read them.

1. “I wanted to follow up”

2. “I got this article that might interest you”

3. “We are organizing a free webinar for you”, etc…etc…

And finally you give up on him and put him back to your marketing team or on to your drip campaigns. The result is “A Lost Opportunity” and this forces you to think “What went wrong”?

The Culprit & A come back “Magnet”

In 6 out of 10 cases, Sales Reps have not given their prospects a strong reason that mandates a comeback. All you have done is answer his questions and met his expectations. What about giving something extra that will force him to come back to you?

For Example, if you would have told your prospect that in your next meet, you are going to show him-

1. How your “X” client with the business model similar to his was leaking millions of dollars due to “X” problem and how your CRM/ERP software has helped him save “X” million dollars? (OR)

2. How your “X” client has managed to improve their sales conversion by 10% after they have utilized your training program? (OR)

3. How he can save 15% on your ERP Solution purchase without incurring any additional cost?

With such propositions in front of him, he is going to learn something valuable from you that will help him improve his business efficiency and that too without any extra efforts. He would be delighted to come back to you.

Yes, missing “VALUE” is the culprit that results in lack of motivation for your prospect to proactively pursue the relationship. “VALUE” is the key at every step of the engagement that builds interest and invokes desire to move forward.

What holds “VALUE” for prospects?

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