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How did I convince a tough customer to buy from me?

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"We were in Bangalore pitching our solution to a Fortune 500 Computer and Electronics supplier.

During the meeting, we realised we were dealing with a reserved customer who is just answering our questions in Yes/No.

He didn't open up to share complete information about their requirements or our solution.

It was becoming tough to read his interest and derive information from him. After trying everything, I informed my senior head, the customer is tough and not opening up.

My Senior head walked into the meeting and started talking to the customer.

During the discussion, he mentioned that there is another Fortune 500 Computer and Electronics Supplier HP building a large 500-seater office and a manufacturing hub in Bangalore.

Are you aware of it? Are you also planning something similar here or somewhere else?

The customer was shocked to hear this as he was not aware of their competition's move.

He started enquiring more about his competition's new plan. 30 minutes had gone by and the customer was still curious and kept on talking to our senior head.

The rest of the meeting customers had shared key intel about their requirements directly with our senior head. In the next two meetings, our senior head closed a multi-million dollar deal with the customer."

Learning: Customer's Competition Knowledge is Gold Mine.

Story by Ramesh Iyer, Head, L&T


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