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How to build a High Performance Marketing Funnel

Highly Optimized Marketing Funnel

Is your marketing funnel generating high quality inquires at higher ROI?

An organization faces multiple challenges when building / operating their marketing funnel viz. Funnel leaks, Bulk inquiries but missing quality, limited number of inquiries with limited ROI, High quality inquiries with high amount of investments and low ROI. It severely impacts the performance of the marketing engine, resources involved, Investments made and Revenue driven.

These issues are directly relates to the performance of the funnel. A high performance funnel has:

  1. Prospect Inquiries that are high in quantity and quality at the TOFU (top of the funnel).

  2. High quality prospects inflow is CONSISTENT at the TOFU.

  3. AUTOMATED task with limited amount of efforts to convert cold prospects into engaged prospects at the MOFU (Middle of the Funnel).

  4. Deliver consistent performance i.e. Prospect to MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads), MQL to SQL (Sales Qualified Leads), and SQL to Proposals at the MOFU.

  5. Delivers high Prospects to Customers conversions at low investments i.e. high ROI at the BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel).

Marketing Funnel Performance and Marketing Channels

To understand how to build an exceptionally high performing marketing funnel, we need to break it down to what holds the key to its high performance – it is Marketing Channels.

Marketing ULTIMATE aim is to build an exceptionally performing list of “ORGANIC CHANNELS” using a mix of “ORGANIC” and “PAID” Channels since organic channels deliver high quality prospects and doesn’t involve sizable investments like Search Engine Optimization for Digital and Social Media. It does sound near impossible but organizations have been doing this successfully using the following 5 step strategies acting as the framework to marketing initiatives.

Missing/misaligned Strategy

  1. Having hard time finding prospects?

  2. Do you have lots of inquiries in your marketing funnel but very few active prospects?

  3. Do you actively advertise and market your products but very few prospects ends up in your marketing funnel?

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