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How to Successfully Prepare for your Sales Meeting with Customer?

It was my first Sales Meeting with Customer; first chance to shine & prove to my manager that I can handle it but I messed it up...

I got a call from my potential customer that they are travelling to India & would like to meet...

I could see the travelling opportunity to US for next meeting if this meeting worked out.

I started gathering information from company's website.

On the D-Day, we met in a hotel to welcome him and discuss.

I expected IT Director [My contact] to show up with his colleagues but he was with newly hired CTO instead.

The power house had shifted. New CTO is the Centre of Concentration now and we didn't anticipate his priorities.

I missed company's recent press release that was not on website and couldn't dominate the discussion.

In Sales meetings, if the prospect walked away feeling he/she didn't get what he/she needed - the opportunity is buried.

Successful planning = successful meetings

I didn't want this to repeat and hence prepared "Authoritative Selling 4WH Checklist" that helped me prepare well & win 70% of my 1st Sales Meetings with full control.

Download your FREE copy. What is included?

  1. Why the Customer Meeting is Key to Winning Sales.

  2. 4WH Model for Best Preparation and Successful outcome.

  3. Tips for Getting 'Meeting Ready''

  4. BONUS : Free Template to Create More Sales Meetings.

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