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How to Succeed at Cold Calling?

Engaging cold prospects into conversation is extremely difficult. Cold Callers struggle to get prospects interested and faces rejection such as

How to succeed at Cold Calling?

1. Not Interested

2. Call Me in X months

3. Already using a solution etc...

Hoping dialing more calls, experimenting sales pitch around features, brand, awards etc... will deliver interested leads, will fall flat . So, why does it fail? The reason is -


Cold Calling is a skilled niche and to succeed at it, you need an accurate Goal Setting. Aiming for

a. Product Presentation attendance,

b. Product Trial or

c. Deal Closure

is moving too fast into an engagement similar to pro

posing a girl on the first date. No wonder they just run away!

Stop pushing your product and aim for catching prospects attention towards his business problem to capture his interest. Highlight how you can

a. Make or save them X amount of money

b. Increase X% of business productivity

c. Gain competitive edge.

Aim to capture his attention with short information followed by inviting prospect to discuss further details and your numbers will soar.

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