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How to Close more Sales?

In my last Sales Training workshop, I excitedly asked the participants - What is your major Sales Challenge?

Kritika bowled me with the question: "Mr. Amit, Leads are so unpredictable. How to consistently meet our Sales Targets."

She continued - "Many of the leads I feel are not good. Rest of the leads like our product and have an urgent need for it but at the time of purchase, they just back off for various reasons."

"What should we do?"

I was like - "So, you want me to summarise the entire Sales Training Program in one answer?" and everybody giggled.

I continued - Ökay, let me give it a try".

So, there are 4Cs of communication that separates:

- Winning or losing a Customer

- Winning or losing a Sale

  • Credible: Clients buy from Sales People and not from companies. Clients are distrustful of the average salesperson, but tend to be trusting reputable people with good intent and credible personality. Build reputation and the sales will come.

  • Compelling: Clients want their problems to end. Speak to the core concerns and desires of the client with empathy and selling will never be a problem for you.

  • Concise: There is a difference between Information and Insight. Information bores but insight is attractive. And, conciseness conveys condensed information.

  • Clarity: “It is not enough to tell so that you can be understood. You must tell so that you can not be misunderstood.”

"That's what we are going to learn in this program."

And, they were super excited.

So, if you or your team is also facing the sales challenge of clients liking your product or service but not buying, check out my upcoming Sales Training Program to cover 6Cs of Sales Communication.

Yes, two more Cs for Convert and Close.

My upcoming Programs are :

  1. Lead Generation Expert | Cold Calling | Email Campaigns

  2. Sales Closing Expert

  3. Linkedin Social Selling Expert

If you would like more details, click on the link here and scroll down to "Sales Training Programs" (just below Award & Training Pictures)



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